Weingut: Descendientes de J. Palacios

Jahrgang: 2008

Rebsorte: Mencía

Flaschengröße: 0,75l

Art.Nr.: 7822108

Alkoholgehalt: 14.5%

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Grape source: The grapes come from the selection of owned parcel in
Moncerbal´s hill, in the town of Corullón.
Village: Corullón.
Region: DO Bierzo.
Surface of estate own vineyard: 4.30 Acres / 1.74 Hectares.
Soil: Early cambrian period. Slates with a thick layered structure
arranged in an oblique way with quartzite, sandstone, clay
and marble. With a good porosity, roots are able to explore
a great part of the substratum. Quartzite and silicate are
predominant and they mark the character of this soil.
Topography: Very steep slopes.
Orientation: South west.
Height above see level: From 2,002 feet to 2,396 feet
From 610 to 730 m.
Climate: Continental with a very important Atlantic influence.
Annual rainfall average: 28.21 inches / 716 mm
Average temperature: Min.- 2.32ºC Máx. 26.30 ºC Annual Average: 11.45 ºC
Number of hours of sun light: 2,207 hours.
Grapes varieties (%): 100% Mencia.
Age of vines: From 60 to 90 years old vines.
Vine density: 2,832 vines per Acre / 7,000 vines per Hectare.
Viticulture: Biodinamic.
Pruning style: Head-bush pruning.
Cultivation methods: Tilled by animal draft "mules".
Irrigation: No.
Green harvest: No.
Yields per Acre and Hectare: 3.64 Hl per Acre / 9 Hl per Hectare.
Pag.1 Moncerbal 08
Harvest date: Sept. 29th 2008.
Destemming: Partial.
Alcoholic fermentation: Small oak open vats "bazuqueos - pillages".
Maceration time: 41 days.
Malolactic fermentation: Spontaneous in oak vat.
Ageing: Ageing in new french oak barrels.
Fining: No.
Cold stabilization: No
Filtration: Non filtered.

Wine conservation
To ensure optimum development, this wine should be cellared
at a maximum temperature of 14 ºC.
Serving advice
Optimum drinking time after its 10th year in bottle.
Decant at least one hour before serving.
High ageing potential.



Alkoholgehalt 14.5
Stück im Set 1
Flaschengröße (l) 0,75
Winzer Descendientes de J. Palacios
Weinfarbe Rot
Rebsorte Mencía
Jahrgang 2008


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