Weingut: Livio Felluga

Jahrgang: 2004

Rebsorte: Picolit

Flaschengröße: 0,5l

Art.Nr.: 7092104

Alkoholgehalt: 13%

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Variety: Picolit
Denomination: Colli Orientali del Friuli
Designated zone: D.O.C.G.
Area of production: Rosazzo
Soil type: Marl and sandstone flysch of Eocene origin
Grape: Picolit
Vine training system: Guyot
Pest control: Low environmental impact integrated pest management
Harvest period: In several selections, beginning in late October
Harvest method: Manually in twice-weekly selections, according to ripeness
Vinification: The part-dried grape was carefully destemmed. Next, the fruit was soft crushed. The must obtained was then allowed to settle. The now-clarified must fermented at controlled temperatures in small casks of French oak, where it matured for about 18 months.
Ageing: After fermentation, the wine was left on the lees in the small oak casks for nearly 18 months. The bottled wine was aged in temperature-controlled binning cellars for about 18 months.
Sensory characteristics:
Appearance: intense golden yellow
Nose: varietal, elegant, with great character, intense notes of candied fruits, pastries, apricot and fig integrated to aromas of orange blossom, acacia honey and elegant spices.
Palate: a wine with a great complexity; soft, savory, articulate, with balanced acidity and sweetness. Very persistent aftertaste with complex aromatic sensations with outstanding aromas of exotic fruit and ginger.



Alkoholgehalt 13
Stück im Set 1
Flaschengröße (l) 0,5
Winzer Livio Felluga
Weinfarbe Weiß
Rebsorte Picolit
Jahrgang 2004


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