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Olio Extravergine die Oliva Biologico 2016

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In any discussion of the estate's quality products, mention must also be made of our extra virgin olive oil, made mainly from Moraiolo and Frantoio olives with a small percentage of Pendolino and Leccino varieties.
The olives are processed within 12-24 hours of picking in the estate's modern, continuous cycle olive mill, which uses avant-garde technology to extract the oil: mild centrifugation on the crushed olive paste.
This system avoids not only the brutal, old-fashioned pressure system, but also the impoverishment that occurs when the centrifugal force is too strong. Excessive heating of the olive paste is also avoided: temperatures are kept below 30°C in order to retain optimal scents and aromas.
This extraction process, together with the short time between picking and pressing, which ensures low acidity, produces an internationally acclaimed olive oil. The olive oil is richer both aromatically and in terms of taste and has a higher number of useful substances such as tocophenols and polyphenols, which are important for the conservation of the oil and also for health.
The oil is left to decant in the old 'orciaia' (oil jar room) next to the olive mill, in the traditional manner, which makes it possible to avoid a second centrifuge process.



Name Olio Extravergine die Oliva Biologico 2016
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